Affordable Things to do in Harare


Harare boasts places of interest in its periphery and within its city borders. Here are a few inexpensive and affordable activities to do within Harare:


  • The National Botanical Gardens – Over 700 species of indigenous plants are found in this garden where visitors can learn about local plants and herbs.


  • The National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Available to visitors who desire to see various local art pieces, paintings and sculptures on display. 



  • Africa Unity Square – Located across the Parliament Building, this park is a great meeting point and place to rest, eat lunch and absorb the natural energy of the city centre.


  • Mukuvisi Woodlands – Urban-based wildlife reserve offering horse-riding, walking tours and guided safaris


  • The Domboshava Caves – Perfect for hiking, walks and picnics


  • National Heroes Acre – Historical Monument in commemoration of the liberation struggle heroes and heroines 


  • Visit the local Shopping Malls – Joina City (Central), Long Cheng Plaza (West) Eastgate (East) and Village Walk (North)


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